I went to Ethiopia by invitation of Rev. Billy Cole. We have been there at least 9 times since 1999 conducting youth and children's services with at least 80,000 receiving the Holy Ghost.

The Ethiopian people are a people of great suffering, but great faith and love for God. It is easy to speak to these people as they are so hungry for God, and God responds in kind.

We have spoken to small groups and to groups as large as 500,000 people. We have held children's services with 35,000 in attendance and 20,000 receiving the Holy Ghost at one time, to Jesus be the Glory!! It would take days to tell of all God has done for the people and for me. It truly has changed my life!! I have seen devils flee, eyes opened, thousands of lives changed by the power of the Holy Ghost

Special thanks to Rev. Billy Cole and to Rev. Teklemarian Gezahagne for believing in me and trusting me.

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