Your Opportunity to Invest in
Soul Winning - Redefined

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For $60 to $100 a single Pastor in Ghana can be touched by Apostolic truth. This one pastor can represent an average of fifty people or more in his church (not counting children). Depending on the area, 40% to 60% of these Pastors will re-baptize their entire congregations in Jesus' Name!

There is a team of trained, ready and qualified indigenous ministers that will reach at least 100 pastors at a time in Ghana, Liberia, Togo and Nigeria. (The first session in Techiman City enrolled over 190 pastors.) We will teach them for two days, pay their transportation to the seminar and feed them while attending. We teach the Apostolic message by using the Old Testament as a schoolmaster that leads to the New Testament with great success. Currently there are 60 pastors in Ghana and we are working with 20 in Nigeria. Our goal is 800 preachers in 2007. The vision is to reach 10,000 pastors and church leaders in Western Africa in 4 years. This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to be a part of this explosion of hunger for the message of biblical truth. For the cost of your family dining at a restaurant, you can reach one church in West Africa.  Or the cost of a moderate week-end away could reach an entire city and surrounding areas. Soul Winning – Redefined

If you would like to help, you can make an online donation by clicking below:

or you may send funds to:

The Apostolic Sanctuary
1300 Wellington Way
Liberty, MO  64068

Pastor Bob Morgans (740) 591-0309
Brother Tim Smith (615) 498-7355

2007 Booked Projects

1.         Techiman City
      February 9-10            Attendees 229                       Actual Cost $1,946

Also as of March 8th Pastor Joe was on his way to Techiman City to baptize a pastor whose congregation numbers over 2,000.


2.         Nigeria
March 12-22                Projected Attendees 250 plus                Projected Cost $750

(Reason for reduced seminar cost is that airfare is cheaper from Ghana to Nigeria, plus Nigerian pastors are assisting in the costs of hosting this seminar.)


3.         Liberia
April 5-8                      Projected Attendees 250 plus             Projected Cost $2,500*

*Seminar cost only, travel costs for one team member will be an additional $1,000. Additional team members would be an additional cost.


4.         Sierra Leone
April 10-15                  Projected Attendees 350 plus               Projected Cost $1,500*

                   Materials Cost for Liberia and Sierra Leone $2,565
*Seminar cost only, travel costs will be $1,700 for one team member to go to Liberia and an additional $1,000/ea for other team members travel expenses. 


5.         Bob Morgans arriving in Ghana
May 14-18

to set up crusades in August and to visit Sierra Leone, Liberia and Techiman City to further cement these relationships and to baptize those that wish to be baptized.
                                                                                                           Projected Cost $5,500


6.         Team arriving in Nigeria, to Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone
August 5-20                
7 separate Crusades in Nigeria, Ghana, Techiman City, Jauben, Ejisu, Liberia, Sierra Leone reaching a possibility of 30,000+ people with the gospel of Jesus Christ     

                                    Projected Costs $1,500 each seminar plus travel costs


Other Cities Targeted for Seminars


1.         BIBIANI ZONE                                               Projected cost $1,640

2.         NKAWKAW ZONE                                        Projected Cost $1,950

3.         CAPE COAST ZONE                                      Projected Cost $2,375

1st projections for 100 attendees doubled