Apostolic Bonfire in West Africa - may 2007



Liberia is one African country with a strong apostolic culture. As a former freed slave colony of America, all the major apostolic wings from North America - UPC, ALJC & AWCF have appreciable following here. While the interior of this nation remained untouched by the apostolic message is still a mystery to many a western apostolic missionary or evangelist. From the outside one can easily lay the blame at the doorstep of the painful civil war. However, a careful introspective look will tell one that leadership strife is to blame for low geographical coverage of biblical apostolicism in Republic of Liberia. May God heal every unnecessary wound now and forever. Amen!

The Bob Morgans Apostolic Gospel Outreach hit the capital of Liberia - Monrovia from 18th to 23rd May,2007. The following surburban towns were touched by the apostolic tsunami; Lower Virginia, New Cru town, 9th Street, Old Road (all in Motserado County), as well as one town in Magibi County.
For most part it appeared as if God sent Bob Morgans and Co. to Liberia to heal deep wounds and revive the many apostolic forces that have become antogonistic towards one another,and hence weakened in their disjointed efforts to evangelise Liberia, and ultimately win many trinitarian back to Acts-type christianity. In view of this, Apostle Morgans is satisfied that his presence rekindled the apostolic fire, and woke up many a sleeping gospel giants. Hallelujah!
On Friday night Jesus wrought great soulical and spiritual healing when many apostolic Bishops sobbed and cried for abandoning the core task of the great commission. Saturday was the great harvest day. 400 ministers and church leaders gathered to be taught the apostolic truth at Jubilee Temple,Old Road,in Monrovia. People kept coming and coming that we had to add 1 bag of rice and 75 plastic chairs respectively to both the Canteen Dept. and the Protocol Dept. Glory be to God! This is an unforgetable moment that every geniune apostolic missionary would relish. God gave us what every fisherman would call a "bumper harvest"!!! Shout glory be to Jesus.
50 participants were baptised in the name of Jesus - 24 of this number were pastors. Shout glory! The following morning 2 people knocked at Bro. lsaac's door around 6.30am to be baptised the proper way. Guess what? One was a pastor! She went to church and testified not long afterwards to her congregation about the wonderful feeling she experienced after taking on the true name of Jesus. Hallelujah! The service returned  from the turbulent atlantic beach to the temple again. All those who were baptised/repabtised and did not have the Holy Ghost received Him within 15 minutes of being prayed through. the whole of Saturday 19th was dedicated for teaching, beach baptism,evening praise and Holy Ghost outpouring. lt still amazes me why the people remained that long. We can only concur what our Lord and Saviour said that the harvest is indeed plentiful! Many people were healed from strange diseases and demonic oppressions.  
1. Total Water Baptism - 54
2. Pastors rebaptised - 25
3. Holy Ghost Baptism - 26
4. Over 122 denominational and independent churches took part in our Seminars
    Some 308 pastors and church leaders took part in all the seminars.Glory be to God.
Compiled by: Bro. lsaac Agyapong
(Missionary companion to Bro. Morgans)
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