Report From Liberia , West africa



The Bob Morgans & Team (Apostolic) Gospel Outreach[BMTGO] to Africa hit the Republic of Liberia from Thursday 5th-Sunday 8th of April,2007.As usual, Brother Morgans' approach is to let one of his trained indegenous generals test the field with the first apostolic-renassaince seeds;do a proper country inventory,spiritual audit of the environment, and then report to base camp for a later assault.This strategy has always worked to parefection;and this is probably one of the key reasons why Brother Morgans and Partners are reaping great harvests from areas other Western Apostolic missions feel are uncomfortably DRY.The strategy is to simply let ''Peter'' touch the surface of the water first by faith,and then Jesus takes over! Even if our limited Budget is ''sinking'' in the water of high prices,expensive airfares,hotel charges,and heavy operational is our believe that with Jesus in the ''boat'';and with willing partners like you, we can smile at any financial ''storms''. Praise the name of the Lord.

Going by the aforementioned strategy of initial ''field testing'' Brother ISAAC AGYAPONG (our indefatigable  African Outreach Coordinator) was sent to Liberia. Pastor lsaac is a Ghanaian Apostle of our mission.


The lnternet can tell you whatever your itching ear would want to hear about Liberia but the reality on the ground is what we present:

1. That post-war Liberia today is very impoverished country
2. That demand for goods and services far exceed supply-creating a Suppliers' market with its attendant exhorbitant prices.For eg.average hotel price in downtown Monrovia is US$125-215(3-4 star category) as against $60(Ghana) and $80(Nigeria).Normal taxi-cabs take 7 passengers(including the driver) as against 5 in Ghana(including the driver). Worse of all for a poor country like Liberia,their currency is very close to the American Dollar. (1LRD:USD60) lnfact Liberian economy virtually uses 2 currecies(LRD & USD).A visitor can use the USD to buy anything in Liberia without bordering himself to convert it to the local currency.This cannot happen in other African countries,though the USD circulate everywhere.For instance a USD transfer to Ghana is always paid in the equivalent of the local currency.ln Liberia you take your USD bills straight away!
3. This means organising Gospel crusades and Apostolic Seminars are relatively more expensive in Liberia than say Ghana,Sierra Leone, or Togo.
4. Transportation and food costs here are the highest in West Africa
5. Ministers in Liberia are really in need of financial push to get the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus going.Most churches meet in shanty buildings.The effects and fruits of 14 years of civil war are easily seen right from the Roberts lnt. Airport.Private business hands are in control of Liberian economy more than the ruling Government! Although the government of Prez Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is progressively picking up the pieces.May God help her!

Despite this sober economic and social outlook l can confidently say that LIBERIA IS THE PLACE FOR ANY APOSTOLIC TO SOW...! For he's guaranteed a 100% returns in Jesus' mighty name!
There is a spiritual awakening than ever before! Liberia is ready for super-duper REVIVAL! People are ready for God;and the ministers are very cooperating(Though a Western missionary has to beware of heel-grabbing and back-stabbing amongst some over- ambitious local leaders,who feel they should be the foremen and drivers of every Western-financed revival moves?).This is what my Boss-Rev.Morgans-calls ''Professional Crusaders''. Nonetheless,there are geniune Men/Women of God here!


The BMTGO uses the Seminar for Leadership Training as well as give birth to apostolic leaders who would in turn apostolicise their congregations,reproduce other apostolics in their localities,and become local ''apostles'' themselves to spread the Apostlic Message in their nations,and beyond.We also look for people with the right apostolic ''family genes'' to add to our growing network.

To this end Brother lsaac taught the following topics in his 3-day seminar in Monrovia, HOM ministry Chapel at the ever-busy Johnson Street,opposite the Second Providence Baptist Church.
             1.Search for the Truth(series)
             2.The Nature of God
             3.The Name of God
             4.Endtime Prophecy
             5.What Really ls The Gospel
             7.Recieving The Holy Spirit
This is handled in 6 teaching Sessions of 3 hours each,with sponsored lunch breaks and 3 prayer interludes for Healings/Miracles/Holy Ghost outpooring.


    1. 236 Ministers and Leaders attrended
    2. 54 people came for the Spirit's baptism:54 people received the Holy Spirit baptism!
    3. 131 Ministers(pastors/evangelists/prophets/bishop) were in attendance.
    4. 53 received notable healings and miracles in the name of Jesus!
    5. 7 people were baptised/repabtised in water in the name of Jesus. Actually 14 people enlisted to be baptised/re-baptised but wrong transport arrangement made me lose  them.However my hosts have assurred me that they would be available, plus some ministers, in my May visit with Bob.
   6. Number of participating churches- 67. Wow!!!The dying trinitarian churches are ready for the Truth.
Simply fantastic! Prior to our visit there had beed wrong apostolic-seed sowing by some Oneness groups making people resistant to the True Apostolic Message. The Lord gave me wisdom not to go to Liberia with a tag...''Hey peolpe, l'm this or that!''...Bob's approach is to let people see that what we're preaching/teaching is the Bible-not a group or a denomination saying it.So before people probably tag us ''oneness people'' or ''Jesus' name people'',our boats would have already been sinking with big catches! Glory be to God!
-the demand for Bro.lsaac was such that he had to visit 5 churches on sunday morning
-some ministers have enlisted for rebaptism and ordination.
-infact some want us to take over their churches straight away.
-some 20 pastors have joined the Coalition dealing with Bob to host him next month.They simply can't wait saying;''If Bro.lsaac alone could do this,then what would happen to Liberia if the entire Bro.Morgans Apostolic Team touch down in Liberia?''
-some apostolic bishops who came to observe things said:''We should have sold the message in this manner all along,except that we didn't know how!''
-a lot of different networks want to host out team to the extent that we would need some $50,000 Budget between now and November to really address the growing apostolic hunger in Liberia.Let the Lord rain down the needed funds in Jesus' name!

1. For many years l had been seeking for the Holy Ghost baptism to no avail.Ys'day l came to this Seminar and when the Man of God asked those who needed the Holy Ghost to come forward,l hesitated thinking it would be a repetition of previous experience.However as l stood there and the pastors laid their hands on me l spoke''bababababa...sheida..da..r''. Not only that,the Man of God strangely invited me today to come and laid my hands and help prayed other people through? l thought this was the job for pastors alone.l laid my hands on one person...and he spoke in tongues! l laid my hands on another lady,and she spoke in tongues! l now know that God can use from this meeting l'm going to my church to lay hands on people in the name of Jesus and l know they would speak in heavenly tongues in Jesus' name!- Bro. Amos Loos

2.My name is Bro. Johnson Kamara.l'm 43yrs old.l have been attending church for a long time.But after receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost for the first time,l now feel different! l feel new; and my prayer life has changed dramatically.l can flow in prayer now.

3.l had a terrible Malaria that nearly prevented me from coming. When l came to this conference l was still feeling weak;the devil was hard on me pressing me to leave this service but l persisted.When the Man of God asked us all sick and weak people to come forward for healing prayers, l nearly ignored for l was too weak to stand.But l obeyed anyway, and went and sat on the miracle chairs placed comfortably in front.Hands were laid on me amidst prayers,and the anointing of oil by the pastors,and l was healed.l'm strong today, and l want to thank God for bringing this man.-Evangelist SB

4.My hand was withered with pain. l could not lift it up.Today l'm healed and l can lift it up in Jesus' name! l'm very happy and thankful to God.-Sist. Tamara

5.Miss Jebatu: Somebody told me to go to church despite the fact that l was a Moslem! l spoke in tongues but l was embarrassingly shy.But today after the re-birth by the Spirit l feel emboldened in Jesus' name! l can speak in tongues boldly,and can pray  others also through to receive the Holy Ghost.

6.Joseph Kollie: Before l could pray for barely 15-20minutes with great struggle.But after rec eiving the Holy Spirit baptism in this conference,l can now pray in tongues,and much longer at ease.My prayer appettite has also soared higher up!

7.Mr. S.J. Jonhson: l had pains all over my body.And this has been a stange phenomenon since my childhood days.Medication has not helped in any way.But after the prayers for the sick in this seminar,the pain is gone in Jesus' name.Hallelujah!

8.Brownt Michaeline(10 yrs.): she had chest pains.Mother came to testify on the 3rd day that the pain is all gone.She was healed by Jesus!

9.Sist Kionah,58yrs old: abdomonal pains for one year healed completely!

10. Joe Kramgar from Logan town: 4yrs stomach trouble healed after prayer of faith in Jesus' mighty name.

11. Foster Kahn: lost manhood regained!

12. Fota Sesay from Logan town: post-surgery complications resulting from child birth healed.

13. And many many more.Glory be to Jesus!!!
Provision of transport support and meals to participants was also unprecedented in Monrovia.After the Seminar,a long line of ministers/believers trooped to Brother lsaac to lay his hands on the for impartation.That was also another long assignment,as the queue wouldn't end! All honor and praise be unto the LORD for He DID it! Not man!
Rev. lsaac Agyapong
Reporting from Monrovia,