Report From Sierra Leone, West africa




First apostolic “seed” planted in Kenema city - Sierra Leone, W/Africa


  1. 1.0         INTRODUCTION

As part of Brother Bob Morgans outreach Ministry, one of his trained African apostles, Brother Isaac Agyapong, (a Ghanaian Apostolic) was sent to test Sierra Leone Mission Filed and report back as to her readiness to receive the apostolic message.

Having successfully toured Liberia, Brother Isaac was asked by Bob to proceed to Sierra Leone on 9th April, 2007. This Isaac did and landed on the Eastern Provincial capital called Kenema, about 340km North-East of coastal Freetown - the national capital.

Kenema is an old inland city with a population of about 500,000. Temperatures are high throughout the day and it has a strong Moslem presence. Modern social amenities and infrastructure are non-existent. The crude marks of poverty are easily noticed upon a visit. Life here seems to be based on subsistence and inward-looking; completely detached from the global IT reality, and the dynamics of post-modern society elsewhere. This social milieu has an observed intoxicating effect on the church here. Few sparks of denominational renewal once a while, followed almost immediately by a rhythmic return to iced-cold liturgical formats and rigid ecclesiastical traditions. It was in these hot tropical conditions that our apostolic pioneer found himself.


The Bob Morgans and Team Gospel Outreach (BMTGO) organized a three-day Ministers/Church Leaders’ Apostolic seminar from Wednesday 11th to Friday the 13th of April under the inspiring theme “Open Your Heart When You Open Your Bible” (2 Pet. 1:21) Though previous seminars/conferences had been held in this city by many a religious group, participants were unanimous in their verdict that both the content and structure of this seminar were unique and unprecedented in this tropical city! The daily services were scheduled as follows;




Intensive Teachings

Prayer Explosion, Healing, Miracles & Holy Ghost baptism

Teachings & Question Time

Topics covered:

These included:      1. The Search for the Truth

                        2. The Nature of God

                        3. The Name of God

                        4. The Gospel of the Kingdom

                        5. What is “Born Again:”

                        6. Nature and Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

                        7. Miracles/Healings made Easy

                        8. Church History/Denominationalism

                        9. Is Jesus in the O.T?

                        10. Church Traditions and Apostolic Reformation

(The above topics were captured under 6 broad headings). We strategically chose the auditorium of the President of Kenema Council of Pentecost Churches (KCPC) – Rev. Francis Kamara - to be the venue. Prior to our mission the good Lord had led us through a search engine on the worldwide web to select one Rev. Lewis James of Freetown to be our National Coordinator for our campaigns in Sierra Leone. We didn’t know Pastor Lewis from Adam. We had simply asked him to coordinate BMTGO’s mission by faith, trusting Jesus to affirm our risky venture. Lewis, our primary host, had initially planned our gospel attack in Bo - the second largest city of Sierra Leone. However the Lord had a different agenda. Two weeks to Brother Isaac’s visit we had to change the hosting city to Kenema due to a clashed ecumenical programme. The Lord knew better. Kenema had never been visited by any apostolic missionary; be to American, European, Asian or African. Little wonder the spirit drove us there echoing Jesus words in Mark 1:37-38.

“And when they had found him, they said unto him,

All men seek for thee. And he said unto them,

Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also:

 for therefore came I forth”. (KJV)

The local network of Pentecostal churches hosted us. Nevertheless participants came from all segments of Christendom-Catholics, Protestants, Pentecostals, charismatics, independent African churches and freelancing evangelists. The local radio stations also publicized our conference in no small way.

2.0         RESULTS

193 participants attended the conference, a record figure according to the local Christian statisticians.

83 ministers came! Again this is also said to be a landmark. For denominational politicking and mistrust had weakened local ecumenical initiative, polarizing the Christian front into many networks. The fact that we were hosted by the KCPC , did not deter others from coming from other blocks such as KCC, NLN, Baptist Union, Lutheran  federation and the R/C. This was in itself a miracle.

46 different churches came.

31 People came to be prayed through to receive the Holy Ghost baptism and 30 got it.

128 received healing and deliverance from strange diseases and demonic oppression.

This was one apostolic conference that the manifest presence and the spiritual atmospheric heat of the Holy Ghost, was too intense to contend. Many were slain down! A lot more cried, there were shakings, jerking, rolling, jumping and falling.

The local ministers who were assisting me prayed people through had it really tough. At certain points fatigue set in. I had to beckon additional brothers and sisters to join the B-52 bombers for more actions. The Holy Ghost had a lot to do on the people - the spirits of religion, tradition, ignorance, carnality, rigidity, stiff nakedness, Islam, poverty, obsession, spiritual marriages, occultism, death, indifference, rebellion and argument had to go in Jesus name, and they went! The determination of the Lord Jesus Christ to re-orientate and purify his corrupted church was too successful to describe! Participants remained at the venue from 0800hrs – 1600hrs GMT daily and this was another miracle. For its was said by Kenema church historians that the longest a conference/seminar could travel was from 9am-12noon. Beyond 12noon, a preacher/teacher/speaker, no matter how anointed, should expect empty seats. This didn’t happen to us, because we carried the TRUE GOSPEL - not Christian fable!.. as New Testament apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ! Shout Halleluja!


Amazing! Super-duper! Glorious!

Here these testimonies:

(a) “Now all the noise about these and that are over. From here its all about Jesus!I will now baptize new converts in the name of Jesus Christ.  It is Jesus! It is Jesus! It is Jesus!” – Rev. Francis Kamara.

b)   “My name is Rev. R.K. and the Minister – in – charge of Deeper Life Bible Church.  In our denomination we pride ourselves greatly in knowing the scriptures better than other churches.  Originally I knew nothing abut this conference.  I just happened to be passing by when I heard this noise going on.  So I came closer to inquire about what was going on here as I realised this was not a normal day’s worship of this Church.  I was told a man of God had come from Ghana with some revolutionary doctrine! I decided to observe things for myself.  The first time I listened to him, he blew my mind! And I said what!... what is this? This man is destroying traditions that we have taken years to build? You know as a pastor you are always careful about your congregation.  It has taken me 10 years to build what I have built so I didn’t want somebody to come and just destroy everything in just a day.  So if you people would bear me out, I subjected our Guest Speaker to a lot of doctrinal questions.  Yet he answered all biblically and satisfactorily! So I decided to search the Bible myself.  The whole of last night I couldn’t sleep. I was comparing notes and scripture upon scripture.  To cut everything short, I want to thank God for this seminar.  All that the Guest Speaker taught were true and biblical.  Christians have been blinded a lot by unexamined dead traditions. This is a new day in my pastoral life.  I have never been woken up from a theological slumber like this before!  I thank God for showing me the truth.”

c)   For a long time I yearned for the Holy Ghost baptism but to no avail.  However, when I came to this conference and the man of God invited all those who needed the Holy Ghost baptism with the evidence of speaking in tongues, to come forward, I obeyed.  The Lord has baptized me and I can now pray in tongues.  Sist. Kabonda.

d)   For sometime now I have been experiencing serious pains in my body.  The situation is so bad that I have been on many drugs for a long time now.  At this service, when a call was given for those sick and afflicted to come forward for prayers, I responded.  I got healed when they prayed for me! No more drugs.  Thank you Jesus!! Aminatu Dungura.

e)   “I want to thank God for his healing grace.  I was very ill when this conference was approaching.  My Pastor told me to attend.  I said, oh my God, this fine program is coming on and I’m not feeling well.  So you don’t want me to attend? When the day dawned, my condition was worsened so I said, well I can’t go.  Sorry sick woman.  However, I determined later to carry my sick body here. I could barely walk.  I fell down 5 times along the way.  They took me to Pastor Lewis’ hotel room.  Fortunately Pastor Isaac too was there.  The two men laid their hands on me and rattled few words and left me.  Oh men of God… I thought you would stay longer with the sick.  My aids helped me to get home and guess what? I was healed! I feel strong and renewed now.  Thank you Jesus. The name works!” – Lucy Koroma.

f)  “For a long time I was in the hands of the devil.  But yesterday he left me, when I got the Holy Ghost baptism. I had a revelation back home when a Lebanese – looking man came upon me.  He looks like a husband to me in the dream.  He said to me that when I touched him that night he felt chilled up, unlike his previous encounters with me.  He wondered what has gone wrong with me.  I told him the Holy Ghost has taken possession of me. Later as he tried to hover over me, a fire lit suddenly in the room.  This was followed by a thick smoke that engulfed the entire room. The man feeling very uncomfortable left me and cried out I’m no more comfortable with you.  I’ve abandoned you.  I’m gone forever.  Thank you Jesus for freeing me from this demonic bondage.  It was a demonic spiritual marriage.” Lady Tamaru.

g)   “Delivered of witchcraftcy: “Anytime I dreamt I met people eating around.  When I came to be prayed for I was shaken and slain by the power of God.  I rolled severally on the ground. Later I saw a big snake around my head.  As the Holy Ghost fire intensified around me, the snake fell down but began chasing me as I ran away.  I mastered courage, got up, and hit up the snake wam! wam! wam! I finally killed the snake. I feel lighted and released.  I thank God for saving my life.” – Madam Dondonne.

h)   “After hearing the teachings I was confused. In fact baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, instead of the long-used “Father, son, and Holy Spirit” disturbed me.  So I went deep in biblical referencing.  The Holy Ghost led me to John 1:1 giving me deeper illumination than I previously knew.  All that our Guest speaker taught were true.  For there is a witness in my heart and the Holy Ghost gave me scriptural confirmation.” - Pastor Bakari Samori.

i)     “My name is Pastor T.O. I want to thank God for the revelation of the baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, and also what it means to be born again.  I really wonder why all these truths were hidden from my eyes. I will put the blame on unexamined, inherited church traditions! You see Martin Luther and his contemporaries challenged the biblicality of the ecclesiastical traditions they met.  We must also begin to do same in our time.  I’ve resolved to critically re-examine all prevailing liturgical traditions with the bible so that I don’t make mistakes again by following blindly, every popular church creed – because it’s popular.  This is a great EYE-OPENER for me.  And I really thank God”.

Not only that… the seminar also witnessed a lot of praying, spontaneous praise and worship and dancing.  Our hosting audience also pleaded with us to come to the city every year so as to perfect (water) that which (seeds) God has begun in that tropical in-country city.  To our Lord God Jesus be the glory, honour and praise!

“You may ask me why I love Him so much! Because it is in my heart”.

By: Rev. Isaac Agyapong
African Coordinator