Apostolic Bonfire in West Africa - may 2007

The Seirra Leone Version

" So passing by the Atlantic they came down to Africa. And a vision appeared to Brother Morgans in the night. A man of Sierra Leone stood and pleaded with him, saying;'come over to this war-torn country and help us'. Now after Bob had seen the vision, immediately we sought to go to Republic of Sierra Leone(West Africa), concluding that the Lord had called us to preach the gospel to them." Acts 16:8-10 [paraphrase mine].

From May 14th to 18th, 2007, the Bob Morgans Apostolic Gospel Outreach team touched the 3 leading cities of Sierra Leone with the apostolic message.These were Freetown(the national capital),Bo and Kenema.The intra city travel milage span some 400 miles;a very bad road network with portions under reconstruction. Apostle Morgans was accompanied by his african missionary associate- Bro. lsaac Agyapong [pronounced A-jah-Pon].

As stated in our April report,Sierra Leone,as nation is barely touched by the apostolic message.The interior remained,for centuries,untouched by the apostolic truth,although as a former British slave colony, the trinitarian gospel has gained an abattros root for a very long time now. Thus our brethren should know that any attempt to re-evangelise this poor nation comes into direct conflict with not only Moslems(who are strong in the northern,eastern and western regions) but also with catholic and trinitarian mess.

lt is however heartwarming that the two apostolic missionaries were received with open arms to bring the truth to both belivers and unbelievers.Praise the Lord.

Just after touching down after nearly 48hrs of travel from the States,via Europe,Brother Morgans was whisked away into a Monday night service in Freetown.The Lord was gracious to the tired Apostle;18 people were prayed through to receive the Holy Ghost,including a Moslem lady! Not wanting to spoil the Jesus party,Bro. Morgans insisted on immediate baptism-just like Paul in Acts 16-we were able to baptise/rebaptise 13 people,including 5 trinitarian pastors in the name of Jesus, at midnight in the hotel's swimming pool, with some fees charged by the hotel management.Shout glory! Desirous of being fully equipped for true apostolic work the local officers impressed upon Bro Morgans to consecrate them for new apostolic work. This we did dedicating 5 pastors,1 evangelist,1 elder,and 5 deacons and deaconesses into the apostolic task of reaching out quickly to their dying communities. The Moslem lady was also baptised in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.Hallelujah.

In this Freetown revival God also healed 9 people with various ailments.
Retiring late to Bed, we set out the next day to Kenema,the third largest city in S/Leone- covering a distance of about 200miles on bad terrain.
 Kenema is a newly born baby,as far as biblical apostolicism is concerned. ln April,2007, Bro Morgans had sent one of his african trained apostle to evangelise this territory in the apostolic truth.The mission was so successful that it became necessary for Bob himself to visit this "new baby" to ensure that it is continously nourished with the truth of the word. The atmosphere here on the night of May 15th was simply electric.Peolpe have gathered here since 5pm to receive the ministry of Bro Morgans.The Holy Ghost,determined to compensate the locals for their genuine passion and long wait, poured out beyond measure! 13 people received the Holy Ghost,32 had their healing and deliverance from various diseases,and 14 people were baptised in Jesus' name,including 3 pastors who had fully embraced the apostolic message earlier.
3. BO

A city with an interesting name;it's the second largest city in S/Leone. Bro Morgans held a two-day ministers and church leaders seminar here.153 leaders attended,out of which 78 were pastors- drawn from all the local churches. Bob also hosted a children's crusade at a foster home,resulting in 38 children recieving the Holy Ghost. At Bo 5 belivers were repabtised in Jesus name.This was made up of 3 pastors- including a 69-year old.

At the seminar,teaching materials on the Oneness of God,the revelation of who Jesus is, and what it means to be born again were distributed freely to pastors and church leaders. All participants had sponsored lunch-breaks.At the kids crusade too,snacks and candies were also provided. The cost of transporting other kids from the city to the foster home,as well as sending baptism candidates to a distant stream in all the cities were footed by Apostle Morgans.An uncountable number of participants were demonstrably healed when Bro Moragans taught participants how to admnister healings.The presence of God was so touching that our hosts were unanimous in insisting that Brother Morgans come again, and again! To God be the glory!
1. Water Baptism - 32
2. No. of Pastors rebaptised - 12
3. No. of those who received the Holy Ghost - 69
4. No. of ministers & church leaders at the training program - 153
5. No. of participating churches/ministries - 90 
Report Compiled by: Pastor lsaac Agyapong
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