Report From Techiman Seminar





‘’Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops.”

Matthew 10:27 KJV

Rev. Bob Morgans, in conjunction with his Team (both in Ghana and the U.S) had designed a scheme to reach out to individuals, Churches and nations with the Apostolic Gospel.  This scheme is dubbed; “MINISTERS ATTRACTION TRAINING AND AFFILIATION  SCHEME [MATAS]”. MATAS is the calumniation of outreach experiences gathered over the years by pastor Bob & Team, as they undertook apostolic and evangelistic campaigns to different nations to fish for souls, as well as train Trainers.  These Trainers (Apostles) are then enabled to also train others in the school and experiences of true biblical apostolicism.  To this end pastors like Joe and Isaac were trained by Bob to also train others; while Bob continued to look for other Isaac-like hands to join the growing African Team.

Today, the original objective of our American brethren is being realized in a maga way. We can talk of a reliable Ghana Apostolic Team (GAT), made up of more than 50 pastors rebaptized in the name of Jesus, who in turn have caused their church members to be baptized/rebaptised in the name of Jesus, further Spirit-baptized, and are dutifully reaching their towns and cities for Christ. Praise God!

So beginning from 2006 the Lord prompted Bro. Morgans and Bro. Smith to widen the horizon to other African nations.  This is the basis for the MATAS project.  By this blueprint the Apostolic Team (Made up of American and Africans) are daring to other nations beginning from March, 2007.

To ensure uniformity and maximum results, Pastor Bob asked Pastor Isaac and Team to do the first MATAS outreach in Ghana, so observations and fine-tuning could be made.  The Techiman (Ghana) Pastors & Leaders Seminar is thus an answere to this order from the great man.

    • 1.10        THE SEMINAR

The seminar was held in Techiman City, at the central most portion of Ghana, from Friday 9th to Saturday 10th February, 2007

    • 1.2             ATTENDANCE

Overall                  -        229

Day 1                    -        197

Day 2                    -        165

The variance represent those who came either on Day 1 alone or on Day 2 alone.


1.       Search-For-The-Truth Series:  This is a one – stop “shop” course that can theologically be subdivided as (a) O.T Survey (b) N.T Survey  (c) Church History (d) Christology (e) Seteriology (f) Pneumatology (g) Ecclesiology (h) Divinity  (i) Eschatology etc. It’s a heavily loaded program that takes a student from Genesis to Revelation and them drift through the ages all the way to the 21st Century.

2.       Oneness Theology (The Nature of God and The Name of God).

3.       Practical Healing & Miracles

4.       Praying Adults & Children Through to Receive the Holy Ghost Baptism

5.       The Gifts of The Spirit

6.       Early Morning Prayer

2.1     IMPACT

          Electric!  Amazing!

  • (a)  The Chief Host – Bishop Thomas Y. Afari – who for the past 5 years has not water- baptized any of his congregations, has asked us to come back in March to help him baptize them in the name of Jesus!.  This man has 14 churches (Branches) and his monthly prayer festival attracts 2000 – plus attendance.  We’re gunning for a big catch! Pastors Emmanuel and Joe have been tasked to see to that.
  • (b)  Some Ministers have declared their paparedness to join our apostolic Team; as teachers. Pastor Isaac has been tasked to hold a follow –up meeting with these Ministers in March, to take them though the Oneness Theology again.
  • (c)  One Bible College Dean (Rev. Ben Nyame-Christian Leaders University  / Bible School) has taken a copy of the SFTT booklet to teach it straight away, as part of his course-syllabus, in his school.
  • (d)  Over 15 pastors gave monies for copies of SFTT – Teachers’ manual to be made for them.
  • (e)  2 Moslems came and surrounded to the Lord Jesus.
  • (f)    35 different churches; including Roman Catholic, SDA, the Presbyterian and the Methodist churches came.
  • (g) Our Team Keep receiving regular calls from the Techiman area up to today for an encore.


1.       Ministers-In-Attendance:

          Pastors                                    -        78

          Evangelists                              -        24

Prophetesses & Prophets          -        11

Lay Leaders (Males)                 -        27

Lay Leaders (Female)               -        32

Others                                   =     57

2.       No of Towns / Cities represented                  -        18

3.       No of Churches / Ministries represented       -        35

4.       Holy Ghost Baptism                                     -        29

5.       Healings                -        Many

6.       Miracles:               -        A cripple walked!

-        An illiterate woman had the mind opened such that she could open all, cited biblical quotations!

-        2 Moslems came!

-        On the last day 5 different people gave prophecies to the effect that what participants have been taught were the truth, and that they should put them into practice.



1.       The Presbyterian Church          -        25      Gospel Restoration Church

2.       The Roman Catholic Church               -        26      CLU (Bible School)

3.       Assemblies of God (A.G)                    -        27      BCCI (Bible School)

4.       Trinity Foundation Ministry                  -        28      CMI

5.       Great Provider Church                        -        29      TOP

6.       Adom Baptist Church                          -        30      Moslems (2)

7.       The Apostolic Church of Ghana           -        31      Builders Christian Church

8.       House of Glory Ministry                      -        32      The Methodist Church

9.       Deeper Life Bible Church                    -        33      The Church of Pentecost

10.     Living Rock Ministry                           -        34      Faith Baptist Church

11.     Gospel Resurrection Ministry              -        35      The Living Blood Church

12.     Family Chapel Int.

13.     Redemption Vineyard Ministry

14.     Word Power Church

15.     House of Faith Ministry

16.     Divine Heart Church

17.     Seventh Day Adventist Church

18.     Church of Grace

19.     The Brotherhood Church

20.     Harvesters Church

21.     Agape Evangelistic Church

22.     Christian Life Centre

23.     Apostles Continuation Church

24.     Royal House Chapel


(1)     The Two (2) days were inadequate to treat all the topics

(2)     A bigger budget for publicity would have fetched in more participants; especially radio and hand bill adverts.


(a)     That 3 days be budgeted for the program in subsequent outreaches.

(b)     Bro. Isaac must be given a budget to train at least 3 other teachers who can handle the SFTT as he does it.

                   Though there other teachers, their delivery capacity must be enhanced!


It is evident that the MATAS project though seminar approach will bring in more within less cost compared to open-air crusades. To God be the Glory.


By:   Rev. Isaac Agyapong
African Coordinator
Dated:   11th February, 2007